Aug 19

Anatomy of a perfect landing page, how to.

Click through rate (CTR) is determined by a perfect landing page, your ad text and your offering; the post relates the anatomy of a perfect landing page.

The most important elements of a website, a part from the home page, are the “landing pages”. Landing pages, also known as “lead-capture pages”, might be considered the tools that make possible to convert visits into leads or visits into purchases.

The post anatomy of a perfect landing page will illustrate all the elements that make your landing pages perfect.

You can reach visits to your landing pages through different media, among them: DEM, newsletter, pay-per-click (PPC), social network interactions, etc… But the most important factor will be the conversion rate of the landing page.

Normally the CTR varies from 5 to 15% but a perfect landing page will make you expirience between the 30% to 45%, depending on the sbject dealt with the landing page. My own experience is referred to a concrete case study:, our flags ecommerce. The tips that followed have been applied there.

The “landing pages” were the DEM to our customers. We have doubled the CTR reaching a CTR of 30 % with a conversion rate that has been varying from 3 to 6%, depending on the offers we have been proposing.

The first important element is the “Call to action“. You have to be clear in telling your visitors “what you want them to do” and “why they should do it”. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jun 30

20 Vertical social sharing buttons for your blog to count


Social sharing buttons

Social sharing buttons

If you want to make you blog and social presence influent, you have to make your content shareable through different social networks and social media. This article will show you the vertical social sharing count buttons you can install in your blog or website.

Not all the communities might be useful for your blog, but it’s better to know each opportunity you can count on. The share counts twice, it’s a good way to know how your content engage in a specific social network and if the numbers are interesting, it also engage the user that just is visiting your blog or website.


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May 24

Facebook tools, boost your edgerank in 6 steps

The following steps should led you to increase your edgerank in Facebook and give you the popularity and influence you deserve in the most popular social network of the World.

1 Step: Facebook Edgerank, the measure of your success

Facebook EdgerankTwo Facebook developers (Ruchi Sanghvi and Ari Steinberg) explained what the Facebook Edgerank was during the F8 event in San Francisco, on April 21st 2010. Nowadays every Social Media Marketer knows that the EdgeRank is the algorithm that determines what items populate your news feed in Facebook. Its formula is simple:

Facebook Edgerank = Affinity score * Weight * Time Decay

The Affinity score represents the affinity between the user and the creator of the item. It’s value is based on the messages exchanged between the user and the creator of the item and the number of times the user’s profile was checked .

The Weight is the type of the interaction between the Facebook users. This value is calculated on the following interactions (listed in the order of importance): a tag on a picture , a comment and a Like on a post (picture, video or text message).

The last element is the Time Decay. The older is the post, the lower the time decay number.

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May 13

Twitter Tools, increase your audience and Twitter influence.

It’s always hard to build a presence in Twitter, to gain an audience for your tweets. The idea of this post is to suggest you some special Twitter Tools to increase your influence in Twitter.

Twitter Tools

Twitter Tools

I also want to clarify that the results of your twitting will also depends on the right time you place your post on Twitter. Just read the article of Dan Zarella if you are looking for the best time to publish your tweets.

The preamble I need to do is that there isn’t the perfect Twitter tool. You have to try and re-try. You’ll find your tools depending on the needs you will have. The list below want to stimulate your research on them. Among the tools I tried, these represent the solution to my doubts and needs. Might be that your needs are different and you’ll find other interesting Twitter Tools.


The Twitter tools


Who Unfollowed Me

One of the best and simple Twitter Tool I found is Who Unfollowed Me ( ). The lite version is absolutely free and it’s a perfect tool if you don’t have more than 100 twitter users that aren’t following you back.

The most exciting feature you have in Who Unfollowed me is the button “Who Unfollowed me” that will be displaying the users that have unfollowed you since the last check you did. You’ll be look at his/her name, avatar, number of followers and following and finally the note if you were following him/her. This feature will allow to unfollow people that are not following you anymore.

Another interesting feature is “Who’s not following me back” so that you can see the Twitter users you haven’t engaged yet.

Who's not following me back

Who's not following me back

I have 90 people that are not following me back In my list. Among them: Rand Fishkin from SEOmoz (!/randfish), the prophet of the Modern SEO (the Social SEO); Cyrus Shepard (!/CyrusShepard), Marketing director for PlaceFull; Avinash Kaushik (!/avinash), Digital Marketing Evangelist, Google expert and Co-Founder of Market Motive; Biz Stone (!/biz) the co-founder of Twitter Inc.; Jeff Bullas (!/jeffbullas), one of the most popular blogger of the planet; Pete Cashmore (!/petecashmore), the CEO and founder of the popular blog Mashable, a Technorati Top 10 blog worldwide (; Danny Sullivan (!/dannysullivan), the voice of; Matt Cutts (!/mattcutts), the head of the webspam team at Google; Arun Chaudhary (!/arunchaud), the first White House videographer; Kim Kardashian (!/KimKardashian), Fashion Queen and best social celebrity; Oana Damian (!/OanaDamian), Marketing and Business Development Executive at LeighFisher; Janet Aronica (!/JanetAronica), Head of Marketing for Shareaholic; Claudia Marquez (!/clauditamarquez), Marketing head at Click Media; Ana Maria Lopez (!/analopezh), Journalist working in Digital Marketing; Blanca Cela (!/blancacela), Social Media, Seo, PPC and Analytics expert; Laura Bringas Herrera (!/Laurambh), Director of Media and Content at SMO Lead2Action; Joanna Lord (!/JoannaLord), Director of Acquisition & Retention Marketing at SEOmoz.


Buffer App

Buffer App Dashboard

Buffer App Dashboard

Another interesting Twitter Tool is Buffer App ( ). This nice tool is also available as an app for iPhone and Android devices and it also has a plugin for Chrome (wonderful!). Buffer App is useful if you are looking to leverage the social power of Twitter to increase your Audience.

You can schedule your tweets, queuing up a list of tweets to post them at the best time. This tool will allow you to drive traffic to your website, to expand your social influence and/or to solidify your corporate presence or brand.

If you update your account and pay 10$ per month you’ll have: 50 posts in your buffer, 6 social accounts, 2 team accounts, free browser extensions, free mobile apps, ability to use your details and an advanced scheduling system

In the extra page of Buffer App you’ll look at many interesting extra Twitter Tools such as SocialBro and Tweriod.



Tweriod confirms most of my followers are online at 7 pm during the weekdays.

Tweriod confirms most of my followers are online at 7 pm during the weekdays.

Tweriod ( ) analyses your tweets and your followers to verify which are the best times to reach your audience, so that you can start tweeting when it makes most sense to reach others. Tweriod can be connected to Buffer App to post your tweets when your followers are online.



SocialBro ( ) is a very efficient twitter tool. You can apply the segmentation of your audience on different values: language , number of followers and friends, number of lists , followers/friends ratio, account age, number of tweets per day, time since last tweet, verified and non-verified users, profiles with customized avatars or with the default avatar, accounts with URL or no URL.

This tool will let you know which are the Twitter users more influential among your following and followers, understand when you can reach your audience and the best way to interact with them. The best time to tweet is determined by analyzing your 100 top followers.

Another important feature is that you can backup your audience/community, save it in a local database, download all your Twitter followers and friends to a local database which you can consult even when offline (HTML5 powered).

SocialBro suggest when I should post my tweets

SocialBro suggest when I should post my tweets

SocialBro can be integrated in Buffer App so that your tweets will be twitter when most of your followers are online (usually 38/40% of them).

Other interesting features offered by SocialBro are:

Twitter Lists Management . You can organize your followers and friends creating Twitter lists with the search results and update your existing lists with the new members of your community.

Easy Follow/Unfollow Back Tools. The tool shows you your new followers and an easy system to follow them back, to thank them shortly. SocialBro will also allow your to clean up your account by detecting noisy friends, potential spammers, and inactive users, and an easily way to unfollow them.

Fast Communication with Your Community.

Target your audience by tweeting and sending a direct message to selected users from the search results.

Fast Comunication (direc tweet or DM) . Through SocialBro you can tweet and DM your new followers or search users and weet them.

Search, Filter All Twitter . You can use SocialBro to find potential clients and potential consumers, from more than 20M active users.

Dashboard . You can easily see the evolution of your number of followers, friends and tweets.

Twitter Community Map . Visualize the world wide distribution of your community as a map.

Stats. See the stats of your competitors’ Twitter accounts and export to a pdf file. The charts are by: language, time zones, profiles with web URLs, users by number of followers, etc..





A possible alternative to Buffer App is Hootsuite ( ). The freeware account gives you the chance to admin till 5 social profiles from Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus, Foursquare and the other social networks, quick reports, a message scheduling system and the chance to update your posts from 2 feed RSS or Atom.





The chance to post from a feed, we found it in Hootsuite, is the main function of Twitterfeed ( ). Twitterfeed allow you to choose how many rss feed you want and then to publish them both in Twitter and in Facebook. Twitterfeed also offers real-time Stats for tracking your posted feeds. It’s useful to connect your blog to your social networks.



Twit Cleaner

Twit Cleaner ( the perfect tool to analyze your followers. Twit Cleaner will determine which users have potentially dodgy behaviour, which ones are usually absent, which ones have no activity in over a month, which ones have not much interaction, which ones are talking all the time, which ones have little organic content and which ones are not so interesting. If one of your followers has no post in more than a month, it might be useful to unfollow him/her, her/his account might be dismissed.



Twylah ( ) might be defined as the “Twitter Brand Page” tool, a sort of Twitter curation and presentation tool. Twylah enables you to create dynamic landing pages, or “Fan Pages” from your Twitter content, allowing to leverage your Twitter to a superior SEO level. provides great Twitter Curation and Durable SEO for your Tweets. The access is to invite. The dynamic Fan Pages are organized by your trending topics, they are shareable on Twitter and Facebook and they make evidence of your Twitter content. To use Twylah you need to sign in and wait for an invitation from the Twylah Team.



Monitter ( ) is a real time, live twitter search and monitoring. You can create how many columns you need to life monitoring a special keyword, hashtag or username you want to monitor. It’s more efficient than Twitter Search.



Twiends seeds

Twiends seeds

Twiends ( ) is a Twitter Community that help Twitter users to make them known among the rest of the users. Twiends creates an incentive for people to check out your social networks through a system of “seeds”. When you follow someone they give you seeds, and viceversa when they follow you. You can decide how many seeds you want to offer per follow, and when you run out you remain on the list so people can still follow you if they like. It’s an ethical way to gain your audience. A social network inside the Twitter Social Network. I like it.



Conclusions, if possible …

Obviously the Twitter world evolves so that you should always be monitoring the new Twitter Tools that the Twitter Community speaks about. I’ll try my best to upddate you on significant new tool I’ll find on the way.

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