Aug 29

Google Plus once upon a time and the dictatorship of the web.

The work of those who are involved in SEO depends on many factors. The existence of a single search engine, practically a monopoly in the web search in almost every country of the Globe, is one of the worst obstacles to SEO activity.

The monopoly does not provide for the transparency of the rules of the game. The rules are not written in any where, just a great judge “Google” decides when my action is lawful and when it’s not. The “public” rules can change from day to day and frustrate hours/days of work in a few instants.

We would be talking about a tyranny if we were in a real country but as we are “on the web” you do not say “dictatorship” and we are still here to play.

Google Plus

Google Plus

Playing on Google’s ground means to accept its rules, better its tyranny.

We have no alternative today to Google.

I was among the first supporters of Google Plus social platform for the following reasons.

– Google Plus allowed a democratic engagement. I could decide to contact anyone and follow anyone inside the Social Network, unlike Facebook where each user has to enable the follow function to be followable by anybody. For a marketer this chance is pure gold.

– Google Plus was a chance to combine different services: YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps … especially by enhancing the visibility of those companies that had a site, the corporate page, the visibility on Google maps, and the YouTube account.

– Google Plus also promised to be a great tool to give value to those who would produce quality content through the creation of the “authorship” factor. Google Plus generated moments of euphoria for many SEOs that participated to the adventure of G + from the beginning.

The satisfactions were not lacking in these years.

Reaching the top 50 Italian profiles by number of followers (42 ° today) was something that took me some popularity, but above all gave me the visibility that allowed me to meet great people and converse with them about the difficulties of my job.

Many of these people have become friends in real life and on other social networks, some exchange their opinions by email daily etc. … Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh is definitely the pinnacle of these friendships.

The announcement of these hours that Google will no longer use the “authorship” for the results of its searches is a clear indication of the possible end of Google Plus.

In view of the considerable number of hours I spent on Google Plus it would be comprensible for me to despair or to regret.

The experience in Google Plus in Mobile has been frustrating. The failure of Google to provide an equivalent experience to that of the desktop was evident for all to see.

But I’m an SEO and I can not sit on the “defeats”.

I believe that the experience of Google Plus was UNIQUE.

It allowed me to grow, to mature, to broaden my horizon.

I defended my commitment in Google Plus and I would do it again.

Today what I can do is to prepare myself to abandon the ship (Google Plus) when it will reach the harbor to not surf the web over the sea again. A giant like the Costa Cruise without victims.

What will I do? I will go on dreaming a more democratic web, without any doubt.

I will continue to engage in social networks.

But above all, I will try to build on what I have in Google Plus.

I have a list of contacts that I will try to cultivate and maintain.

There are still people with my interests and we can still find new virtual lands to cultivate our discussions, confrontations and democratic exchanges of ideas.

If in the meantime, however, there is someone who wants to run in the enterprise to create:

A social network open to the engagement.
A fully functional mobile social network.
A social network connected to a search engine that recognizes the authorship of web content

I will be at his/her side.

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