Sep 10

Google Plus errors limits, a strategy redesign approach.

My Google Plus strategy was simple and successful. I had just 200 people in my Google Plus circles at the end of March 2013. At the end of August 2013, I was going to reach 12.000 followers (more than 11.000 fans in 5 months!).

Unfortunately something went wrong so that I wasn’t able to reach the 12.000 fans in August (I did in September).

Where did I fail?

I was applying one of the most common methods.

Every day I was used to share my #sharedcircle to my circles, to the public and to the extended circles. Every day I was able to have 100 followers more and, in the last time, I also increased my audience of 250 followers per day.

I was also commenting and partecipating to the discussions and posts on Google Plus and everything necessary to engage people inside a global Community / social network.

Abruptly I registered a growth arrest of my social popularity.

What happened?

You can just have 5.000 users in your Google Plus circles, everybody knows about it.

What I didn’t imagine was that my specific audience wasn’t able to amplify my voice more than a “1:3 ratio”.

What do I mean?

It’s fairly simple. My reference audience is not made by the people that follow me, but by the people I have in my circles. I reached the 4.000 people.

I was used to shared my circles, so that the “shared people” were the same 4000 people I have in my circles. As soon as the “extended audience” clicked 3/4 times “Add People” to my shared circles, something

My friends gave me the answer, providing me some errors they had been displayed trying to Add People from my shared circles.

Google Plus errors limits

Google Plus errors


This is one of the most unkown errors displayed by Google Plus: “Error performing the requested action because of a domain restriction” (in italian it was displayed as “Errore durante l’esecuzione dell’azione richieta. Causa: restrizione di dominio.”). We have to learn to read Google Plus errors.

There is a great debate on this topics. Some of the most common interpretations are:

– You are near or exceeding the 5000 user profile limit across all your circles (bad interpration as many users don’t reach 2000 users across their circles).

– One of the people you are trying to incorporate to your circles has a sort of “restriction” or one of the shared users has a deleted profile.

– You are trying to incorporate many users and most of these already belong to your circles.

The second and the third seemed two possible correct answers.

I cannot still establish which one is the right answer (still testing) but sure you can react in front of the two possible answers:

– Clean your circles regularly.

– Don’t have the same user in 10 different circles (duplication criteria).

I adopted these two simple elements, so that:

I started using Circloscope Free (Inactives+) to clean my circles of the inactive users (60 days) and then I paid the five dollars to have Circloscope Premium active so that I can move all the duplicated users to just a circle.

The result of this is fairly positive: in the last 4 days I have come back to increase my social audience of 125 users per day.

800 on 4000 users were inactive, people that never will amplify my social voice. Now that I have a more active audience I can also hope to have a better amplification ratio.

A special thanks to Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh (https://plus.google.com/115932955064831083806/posts), the father of Circloscope.

If you have never tried the Chrome extensions Circloscope Free (Uncirclers+ or Inactive+), you have to.

Finally, another common message from Google Plus errors is: “You’ve reached the daily limit for adding to your circles. You can add more tomorrow.” (in italian it is displayed as “Hai raggiunto il limite giornaliero di persone che puoi aggiungere alle tue cerchie. Potrai aggiungerne altre domani.”). The limit may vary from user to user. If you are “popular” you can have this limit to 1000 users per day, otherwise 500/600 users.

If you are having troubles on Google Plus … hangout me.

Sincerely, Alessandro

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