May 24

Facebook tools, boost your edgerank in 6 steps

The following steps should led you to increase your edgerank in Facebook and give you the popularity and influence you deserve in the most popular social network of the World.

1 Step: Facebook Edgerank, the measure of your success

Facebook EdgerankTwo Facebook developers (Ruchi Sanghvi and Ari Steinberg) explained what the Facebook Edgerank was during the F8 event in San Francisco, on April 21st 2010. Nowadays every Social Media Marketer knows that the EdgeRank is the algorithm that determines what items populate your news feed in Facebook. Its formula is simple:

Facebook Edgerank = Affinity score * Weight * Time Decay

The Affinity score represents the affinity between the user and the creator of the item. It’s value is based on the messages exchanged between the user and the creator of the item and the number of times the user’s profile was checked .

The Weight is the type of the interaction between the Facebook users. This value is calculated on the following interactions (listed in the order of importance): a tag on a picture , a comment and a Like on a post (picture, video or text message).

The last element is the Time Decay. The older is the post, the lower the time decay number.

Facebook Edgerank determines that only 14-16% of your content is being seen by your fans. Once you know this variable, you just have to fight to increse this index.

2 Step: Increase your Facebook Edgerank , the simple way

There’s a simple way to increase your edgerank. Whenever it’s possible, post the type of content that people share most. This includes the following actions:

  • Photos and videos have better chances to be shared, so post them frequently and directly.
  • Each link you post should have its image and a short endearing description.
  • Keep your posts to under 160 characters, people don’t like to read a lot in Facebook.
  • Post a variety of content to attract interactions, variety grants a better affinity score.
  • Be positive, be cool. Think positive and share positive and fun content. You fans need it. Smile to your fans and they will be smiling at you.
  • Never leave a fan without an answer. The faster is your answer to any comment, the higher will be the affinity score, so the Edgerank. Replies and comments are the base of affinity and weight factors.
  • Enhance your website or blog with the social plugins: like and send buttons, comments and suggestions are tools that increase the interactions.
  • Post questions, quizzes, surveys and polls to your fans. Engage your Community.

3 Step: Your Facebook Image, the The Importance of Appearance

The Facebook Timeline cover photo (both for people and brands) is 851×315 pixels. Change it regularly to keep your Page fresh and engage your Community. Consider that you can also Highlight a Post, the related image to be displayed may also be 851×315 pixels. Change the Hightlighted Post frequently.

4 Step: Facebook features, make the distintion

Facebook offers new features for your Business Pages. Among them:

  • Pin to top. If you “pin” a post, this post will stay in the upper left side of your Page for 7 days. This feature can be useful for promotions and offers.
  • App thumbnails. Since having a default custom landing tab is no longer an option, you should work on the app thumbnails. These thumbnails allow the user to access directly to a new app/page. You can choose till 5 app thumbnails to be added to your Facebook Page.
  • Interests lists. This is a quite recent feature that promises to become popular and useful for social media marketing. You can set an interest and then you have to choose which users and Pages include in this specific interest. Each list may be public or private.

5 Step: Your Facebook performance, measure it !

Facebook InsightsMeasure is the base of your success, so try to use Facebook Insights. The first element you can check through Facebook Insights is the number of fans even if many of your fans probably will never be reading your posts after they clicked on the like button of your Facebook Page. The elements to be considered are:

Reach. Is the number of People who have seen your post during the next 28 days. You could calculate the Reach Index dividing the number of people reached by the number of fans you have.

Virality Rate. This is the number of People Talking About This divided by the Reach (the number of people who have seen your Post).

You could easily export the “Post level data” to Excell from Facebook to monitor your posts and verify which kind of posts have a better performance. You should also consider the time of your posts. This is a very important factor.

6 Step: Facebook Tools to boost your Edgerank

The last step is about the tools you can apply to improve your Facebook presence and influence.

Edge Rank Checker ( http://www.edgerankchecker.com )

The star name is Chad Wittman (http://twitter.com/#!/ChadWittman) and he is the founder and the prophet of EdgeRankChecker.com. His magic Facebook Tool allow to monitor your Edge Rank Score on each Page you admin. You can choose between two versions:

The Edgerank Free version that just allows you to monitor the EdgeRank Score and the Best/Worst Avg Day.

Edgerank Score Flagsonline.itThe Edgerank Pro (from 15 dollars a month) allows you to have a report on the industry your Page belongs to, post grading, page recommendations, EdgeRank score over time, visual analysis of your engagement progess, best day + best time + best keyword and many other features. The Pro version gives you the best time to have the most impressions, most likes and most comments possible, a very useful feature.

I personally consider Edge Rank Checker one of the best Facebook Tool. The tool shares the knowledge of 200.000 Pages who influence of over 3 billion Facebook fans in the World.

Snappapp ( http://www.snapapp.com )

Snappapp is a website that offer a different services, the free option includes: create a Facebook landing page, coupon/special offer page or mobile landing page , access theme library for background images or upload custom images and the analytics to measure your Facebook performances.

Woobox (http://woobox.com )

Woobox is another application that offers the ability to add new Thumbnail apps to your Facebook Page. You can choose to add a Coupon, a Photo Contest, a Group Deal, a Custom Tab, a Vote Tab and, recently, the Pinterest TAB.

BufferApp ( http://bufferapp.com/ )

BufferApp is more a Twitter Tool but it also provides you the chance to schedule your Facebook posts. It’s so precious because you can publish a post whenever you have more chances to be read from your audience. It’s a precious Tool.


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