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Be-Wizard 2012, the Italian SEO Conference.

On March 16th and 17th we’ll look at the important SEO Conference in Rimini, Italy. The event BE-Wizard is the most significant SEO conference for this country. Here the reasons to participate.

Be-Wizard 2012, SEO Conference

Be-Wizard 2012, SEO Conference

Italy is not prepared for Social Media Marketing yet. Too many companies sell their services in this area but the results are still poor. Many Italian companies organize their social media marketing campaigns just buying fans, followers and users to give the idea that their customers have received a great success from their “social activity” but the fake is easy to be discovered:

– Traffic produced by Social Networks
The traffic produced by thousands of fans on the website is still below the 1% of the global traffic of the website. This indicates that the fans are not real fans and followers are not real followers but fictional users created ad hoc to give you a “nice illusion”. Alexa, Quantcast, Compete and Semrush and be good tools to check the traffic sources, if you don’t have access to the website stats.

– Social Interactions
If a Fans Page (Facebook) has thousands of fans and the interaction of the users to each post of the Page is limited to 10 comments and likes, the thousands of fans should be reduced to 1000 of real fans in a very optimistic analysis. The same occurs in Twitter. If the tweets have no retweet, if the retweets, replies and citations on the Twitter account are less of the 1% of the followers, you can bet that you have thousands or hundreds of fake followers.


To improve a real and effective Social Media Marketing Campaign we have to look at countries where the Social Marketing has been developed and has been producing great results. It’s for this reason that the Be-Wizard is a very important SEO event for Italy.

We’ll have the Australian Marketer and Blogger, expert in Social Media Marketing for Business, SEO and Content Marketing, Jeff Bullas (@jeffbullas). We’ll listen to Guy Clapperton (@GuyClapperton), the author of “This Is Social Media”. Guy is a freelance business journalist writing for many of the UK National Press and broadcast media.
Last year we had the honour to listen to the magic voice of the SEOmoz‘s commander-in-chief, Rand Fishkin (@randfish), from Seattle. This year it’s the turn of the British partner of SEOmoz, Distilled. We’ll have the chance to listen to David Sottimano (@dsottimano), SEO consultant proud to carry the Distilled name. As David writes in his Twitter presentation he is Canadian born, Italian blood and passionate about everything on internet.

Next to David we’ll also look at Hannah Smith (@hannah_bo_banna), the second SEO consultant of Distilled. We appreciated Hanna last year at the Be-Wizard held in San Marino.

The last star of the event will be Paolo Zanzottera (@zanzottera), Italian CEO and Evangelist at ShinyStat™. Shiny is an important Italian company focused in internet audience analysis and website statistics. ShinyStat is currently Italy’s leading web statistics provider with over 255,000 Italian website accounts.

The list of the speakers is not finished. We’ll listen to many Italian web experts.

Guido Scorza (@guidoscorza) lawyer specializing in computer law.

Daniele Ghidoli (@Ghido), Blogger and Facebook developer. Daniele is founder and project manager of BigThink.it, a Social Media Marketing consulting company.

Giovanni Cappellotto (@giocappellotto), consultant for marketing and sales strategies online. Cappellotto is a great e-commerce expert.

Gianluca Fiorelli (@gfiorelli1), Inbound Marketing and SEO consultant. Fiorelli is one of the most active members of the SEOmoz community.

Marco Cilia (@goanalytics), Google Analytics blogger.

Francesco Tinti (@misterjinx), AdWords specialist, web marketing consultant and owner of Active Mind LTD.

Fabio Sutto (@fsutto), SEM/SEO specialist at SEMplify Srl.

Stefano Gorgoni (@akamust), SEO consultant specializing in iGaming industry.

Luca Mercatanti (@lmercatanti), Blogger, Expert computer security and programming.

Elisa De Portu (@DienneaMagNews), Marketing manager at Diennea-MagNews.

Giorgio Taverniti (@giorgiotave), GT Idea founder. Taverniti created one of the biggest Italian forum dedicated to SEO.

Elena Farinelli (@nelli), Web Marketing Consultant and trainer. Elena will moderate the session business.

Deborah Del Cortona (@debbyitaly), SEO / SEM Specialist. Deborah will moderate the session Advanced.

Mauro Delluniversità, trademark attorney in Italy and Europe. Delluniversità has been operating for some years at Barzanò & Zanardo Group in Vicenza.

Rodolfo Baggio, coordinator of the Information Systems area at the Master in Economics and Tourism.

Franco Grasso, deals with the training and hotel consulting. Grasso created Revolution System, a revenue management software for hotels.

Vittorio Deotto, Territory Business Development Manager at TripAdvisor Italy.

That’s all for now.

See you at Rimini, 16th 17th March 2012.



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