Feb 24

Pinterest success, I pin You repin.

Pinterest is the social photo sharing website where you “pin” your interest through an online image and share it. You install the “pin it” button on your browser and then, whenever you want, you can tag your interest, the image of it, through your Boards (you can also pin your fave videos).


Pinterest success, I pin You repin

Pinterest success, I pin You repin

A board is the place where you can save a number of images that represent your specific interest (you can pin images online or just upload them!). It might be something as “the books I like” or “the places I visited” or something more personal as the “fashion inspirations” or “my wishes”.


The social network has become a real giant with more than 10 million of active users a month.






The success of Pinterest may be explained by many factors.

– It’s easy to use.

– It’s a sort of place of the wishes where anybody can say “I want it”.

– It’s the place where vanity and fashion are the queens and that explains why the success is among the female users, from always more sensible to these themes.

– It’s multi-usage. It can be imagined as a great board where you can save all you need to remember. It could be used as a wedding planner, as a wedding list, to save your recipes, the images of your celebrities and just to get inspired.


Pinterest succeded where Amazon failed, in the Wish list.

Why should I use Pinterest ? Tips to proceed.

Pinterest has a great success among women

Pinterest has a great success among women

Pinterest is a viral social network the mouth to mouth is incredible and you can drive traffic to your products, blog or services you are offering: from lingerie to wordpress themes. Every product or service that can be showed through an image could be viral in Pinterest.


Pinterest may be very interesting for “local searches”. If you are going to localize your “pins” you can stimulate your local market. Obviously at the moment this chance is referred just to the USA where the Social Network has gained its popularity first.


If you sell a product or a service, a good idea is to place the price in the field description. The price should be specified in dollars at the moment. Once you place the price, example: $16.00 your pin will be appearing in the “Gifts” and the image of it will appear with the price in the left corner of it.

I would suggest not to price all your products or services. This happens beacause the gifts are less visible than the rest of the pins of the other boards. When you pin a gift it will appear in the Gifts section for a while and it will not be found through the search field that Pinterest offers. So share your pins through gifts and other boards.

Try to engage the community using funny images, particular images and you’ll be increasing your followers. Anybody can follow you for a particular board or just to follow on any of your updates.

Another suggestion. Pinterest allow you to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Do it. You can find the Facebook friends that are using Pinterest and you can publish the most interesting pins through these Social Networks.

The pinterest username. If you have a brand name, try to use it on pinterest.


Pinterest is not a mature Social Network yet, but it promises great chances. Here the problems I noticed.

–         There’s no pinterest app for Android, even if it should be necessary. The mobile era claims its app.

–         The search engine of Pinterest isn’t sofisticated enough for a great Social Network. They should be develope it. The old pins are unfoundable, the gifts are unsearcheable. It’s a very pity !

–         Even if is a Social Network it still has no feature to allow messages between different users so that the communication between users may be realized just through the comments on a single pin. What a pity again !


That’s all for now and happy pin to everybody!

My pinterest page is  http://pinterest.com/folghera


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