Feb 13

Goodbye Trunk.ly, now the alternatives

On february 20th 2012 we’ll say goodbye to Trunk.ly definitively. Trunk.ly was the social network where you could save your links allowing to share them whenever you needed. It’s now time to choose the trunk alternatives.




Delicious, trunk alternative

Delicious, trunk alternative

Delicious.com. It’s the natural alternative as trunk.ly was adquired by AVOS, the same owner of Delicious. The Social Network allows you to follow some profiles and stacks that is to say “collections of links built around a common theme”. You can access through a simple rss feed to all the updates of the profiles an stacks that you follow. Another interesting feature is the “Bookmarklet for iPad / iPhone” so that if you have an Apple device you’ll be able to access to your bookmarklet easily. You can also access to Delicious easily through your Android smartphone. The experience is far away from Trunk.ly but it should be developed soon to gain the trunk.ly experience. Vote: 7.



Faveous, trunk.ly alternative

Faveous, trunk.ly alternative

Faveus.com It’s another great tool. You can easily install the Faveus bookmarklet in your browser toolbar or just install Chrome or Firefox extensions to easily operate and save the websites urls that you need to share or just save. Faveus also provide you RSS feeds as Delicious does. The social network of Faveus offers you the chance to see the favourites sites of your friends and you can also have a look on the most “faved” links of the platform. Vote: 7.


Pinboard.in is the “social bookmarking for introverts”. The charge “one-time fee” is at 9.65 dollars. The cost is explained as the natural defense to spammers. It offers RSS feed to access to your links, option to receive by email your bookmarklet a mobile version of the website to operate through your mobile device. Vote: 6.


Webput.com is an interesting tool. You can easily export your browser bookmarklet on Webput to easily access to it everywhere. Unfortunately Webput has no social functions. Here you can divide your urls between different folders (categories), you can tag the links. The social function you have it the “Invite your friend” by the way if you want to continue adding new websites after 60 days, you have to invite 10 friends to webput. Vote: 5.


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