Feb 13

Facebook upload via email problem solved

Today I spent 3 hours trying to search the famous secret email you can use to update your profile in Facebook. The email is very important as you can use it to update your FB profile from Google Plus or just with a couple of lines in a simple email. Everywhere Facebook was providing a not easy solution: access to http://www.facebook.com/mobile/ and search in the inferior side of the page something related to the word “email”.

Finally I found the solution.

Facebook upload via email

Facebook upload via email

Just use your normal facebook account (no android neither iphone needed) and place yourself in the pictures section (add /photos to your username and the job has done). There you have the link “+ Add Videos”. Click on the link “Mobile Video” and a popup will make you smile …

There you’ll have your secret email !
Facebook upload via email problem solved !

You have to mantain secret this email or your account will be overcome by images from any kind of spammer.

See you soon Marketers.

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