Feb 05

Nice to tweet you: twitter tips

Twitter is a very effective tool to communicate and propagate ideas. Twitter is for immediate communications and Twitter users are reported to be 3x more likely to amplify the influence of your brand than a Facebook user would.

Increase your Audience, the customers Tip

Nice to tweet you: twitter tips

Nice to tweet you: twitter tips

If you offer products or services and you have customers this tip is for you. If you are not engaging your customers through your communications through emails this tip is for you. You can login to a gmail account and import the list of your customers. You have to organize your contacts in little csv files with 5000 addresses per file. Then you have to login into your Twitter account. Click on “Who To Follow” and then “Find Friends” and there click on Gmail. Twitter will verify each of your contact to verify if each email is associated to a Twitter account. In 10 minutes you’ll be able to follow many of your customers. If you start to follow them it’s possible that they will be starting to follow you back. It’s not an expensive tip but it might be an effective tool.

Increase your Content, the rss Tip

A very effective tool is called twitterfeed. The tool allows you to define an rss feed and to publish it through many social medias, Twitter included. Many twitter accounts just use this tool to create pseudo real accounts and publish news about particular themes. I recommend you to mix automated tweets with your own tweets as Twitter can block your account in case of abuse of automated tools (violation of Twitter’sTUS).

Google can help you through the rss feed of Google news to publish specific news about a detailed argument.

Increare your valie, the Unfollowers Tip

The value of your Twitter account depends on the number of People that follow you divided by the number of People you follow. An useful tool to have a partial control on this ratio is “Who Unfollowed Me” http://who.unfollowed.me/

The tool allows to check the “new unfollowers” that is to say to find out those that are no longer following you back. This tool isn’t referred to the users you have followed and they are not following, just those that have followed you and have stopped.

So that once a person you follow doesn’t following you back you can inmediately stop following him/her back. Sure there are many other tools that do the same job, but this is my favourite tool.

That’s all for now SEOs, see you soon.

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