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7 steps for Social SEO: No Social, no SEO.

Rand Fishkin, SEOmoz, said SEO without social media will become a relic of the past in his “8 predictions for SEO in 2012”. That’s the starting point of today post: 7 steps for your Social SEO.

Step 0 – SEO

7 steps for Social SEO: No Social, no SEO.

7 steps for Social SEO: No Social, no SEO.

Search – Wherever social network you are, the first thing to do is SEARCH. Search for best companies, sarch for best users (more influent users, more followed users, that is to say Opinion Leaders – LD), search for your competitors inside the SN to learn how to operate from them.
Engage – You should always try to engage with the community you are related to for your job, activity or interest. If you succeed to engage wtih the opionion leaders, the half of the job has done.
Operate – Once you know the Social Network, you have engaged with the Opinion Leaders, you can contribute to the SN with your own content by posting interesting things for your audience.

Step 1 – Google  Plus

The social network proposed by Google is the smoking gun of Social SEO. If you are involved in web marketing or SEO, having a Google Plus account should be a must for you. Create your account and start to add SEO Prophets into your circles. I would suggest to create many circles as many SEO activities you are involved in. So that once you need to receive help you can look at the proper circle you need. Some of my own circles are “Search Engine Optimisation”, “Social Media Marketing”, “Video Marketing”, “Advertising”.
If you have competitors it would be interesting for you to add a proper circle with them in order to study which interesting marketing techniques they are adopting and to improve a counter marketing strategy to contrast their dominion on the market.

Another important point is to search for your Audience with an active Google Plus account. Once that you belong to his/her circle, you can start distribute your content or promotional messages that will be amplified by your natural audience engaged in Google Plus, This will become a very powerful tool to leverage your marketing strategy with to a superior level.
Last important point is still to be verified and it’s related to rich snippet by Google. We are at a very beginning phase but you can bet: rel publisher and rel author will soon be two very important SEO tools. Websites displaying rel publisher and rel author will have a better consideration from Google. If you are logged in a Google Service (Gmail, Google+ …) you’ll be notice an increasing number of results among SERP (Search Engine Results Page) wtih the icons of authors and publisher icons related to the publishers and authors of the content.

Step 2 – Twitter

Another very important social space is Twitter. I have two suggestions for you. Try to follow the most important celebrities of SEO, your competitors and above all the twitter users generous in listing the users they follow. A part from the number of followers you have, another key factor is determined by the number of lists you are listed in. If you start to follow a user, it’s porbable that he/she will start to follow you and if you list him/her, he/she would be probably list you.

Another SEO factor for Twitter is that every thing you’ll be posting it will be distributed and published by tens of websites depending on the theme of your tweet, increasing the popularity of your website.

Even if since July 2011 Google has no access to Twitter data feeds for the real time results, the test realized by SEOMoz is a clear proof that Twitter is one of the most significant tool to rank. If you didn’t, it’s time to read it: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/do-tweets-still-effect-rankings The piece is realized by Cyrus Shepard, one of my favourite authors of SEOMoz.

My public Twitter account page has nowadays PR 3 but the Rand Fishkin public profile is PR 6.

Step 3 – Linkedin

Linkedin is a big treasure. It’s not so interesting for the traffic it can produce towards to your website but for the quality of contacts you can realize. Linkedin offers you the chance to build and engage with your professional network. You can be connected with the most important SEO marketers of the World but you can also find folks for your audience. If you have a niche sure in Linkedin you have the chance to find folks interested in your product or service. The engage propensity of any linkedin user is quite superior to any other Social Network.

A good alternative could be Quora even if you should receive an invitation to participate to this professional social network. Quora has the half of users in relationship of Linkedin but you can find  a very useful Questions and Answers section that is a real SEO treasure.

In Linkedin you can post a question in thematic groups and receive answers from the most experienced linkedin users of the group. It’s just a pity that you can only participate to 50 groups.
If you want to leverage Linkedin for your SEO, remember that your credibility starts from 500 connections. You need to reach 500 connections to become an interesting Linkedin user that other Linkediners may search for a new connection. More connections you have more qualified traffic you may determine for your website.

Last tip for Linkedin. You can set three websites in “Websites” section of your personal profile. Once the URL has been set, replace “My Website” with “Other” and then add your target keyword(s) as anchor text. It’s an important SEO tip.

Step 4 – Facebook

Facebook. There are many things you can do with Facebook. FB is a good manner to loose your time but it’s also a chance to produce traffic to your website. On August 2012 FB will reach a seventh of the Global Population, so why should you renounce to this market?

Here are the tips to produce interesting results in FB.

1)Build your page in Facebook (the page of your company, products, services you are offering)

2)Add a couple of lines to your website so that you’ll be able to have in your account the Facebook interactions to your website (I like it, Share it …).

<meta property=”fb:admins” content=”Your_FB_ID,FB_ID_of_Your_Partner” />
<meta property=”fb:page_id” content=”FB_ID_of-Your_FB_Page” />

3)Add the Social Plugin “Facepile” to your website Home Page .. as it push up the engagement with your Facebook users.

4)Add the Social Plugin “Like Button” “Send Button” and “Share it” to any interesting page of your website.

5)Add wherever is possible the “Comments Box”. People like to place their comments as it’s a way to express what they think.

Step 5 – GIST

GIST is not really a Social Network or better GIST is not only a Social Network. It’s a precious tool that you should use or create your own alternative to GIST. It allows you to merge all your Social Networks connections in a simple dashboard. You can import your contacts from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Linkedin etc.. Once you have imported GIST may alert you on possible users to be merged and you can “quote” any user with a numeric value from 0 to 100. The dashboard will display the most important contacts and the number of “connections” you have with the single user. Once you display the user page you can edit the contacts, his/her image, websites and so on.
You should use GIST or develope your own application to organize your links building campaigns, to ask some users to link your service or product based on the most interesting contacts you have, the ones that seem more interested in you and your contents, the contacts you have more social connections, more common interests. Organize your contacts information is a must for a SEO and GIST can help you in this job.

Step 6 – Get Shorty – Get Tracked

Galileo Galiei wrote “Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so”. Social SEO without measurable data is nothing. In order to track the quality of your job in social network you have to track the results of your post around the different social networks. You can post your content using one of the most known services like http://bit.ly  http://goo.gl/ or you can develope your own tracking system.

If you are going to have your own domain as your personal shortener. There are many interesting scripts to be used: http://get-shorty.com/ http://yourls.org/ and http://www.tighturl.com/project/

The most important thing is to have a clear idea of the social networks that give you more traffic, which ones have a better conversion rate and so on.

Step 7 – SEOmoz

The last step, last suggestion, is to validate your SEO efforts with Seomoz tools set. Create a Campaign and start to monitorize your performances. Each campaign has its “social dashboard” that  basically allow you to track your engagement both in Twitter both in Facebook. You can also connect Seomoz data to Google Analytics to have a better overview on your job. One of the most interesting feature of SEOmoz is the crawling diagnostic, it’s not a social tool but a very powerful classical SEO tool. We’ll come back to SEOmoz tools soon, anyway.

Okay so What Next?

Next I would suggest: Foursquare and YouTube but I’ll be tell you something about in the next posts. See you soon SEOs.

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  1. Wouter Blom

    concerning step 3:
    the linkedin SEO tip of using the website is a must do, BUT my research shows that the links is redirected through a do not index link (see robots.txt). So the actual linkvalue may be much lower that expected (0)

    the link is:
    a href=”/redirect?url=http://www.stramark.nl&urlhash=dWm-” target=”_blank” title=”New window will open” name=”overviewsite”

    and in the robots.txt is

    Disallow: /redirect*

  2. Steve Shearer

    Can’t believe you ONLY have 1 comment here. YES, people need to realize SMO is now connected to SEO. I’ll be adding a quote from here to my page, Social Media Marketing – Required for SEO.

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